How Beautiful

... are the feet of those who bring good news...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Holy matrimony

Holy matrimony! It's out of control here!

I've been working as my church's receptionist all summer and things have gotten ridiculous. There are like A THOUSAND PEOPLE GETTING MARRIED! In these last three months alone I've been to more ceremonies and bridal showers than a lifetime should allow. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for them and think they are all fantastic together, but seriously SPREAD THE LOVE... and by that I mean they should spread out these events over a year or so, not 'I want in on your wedded bliss'.

But marriage is a beautiful thing, and I'd like to say congratulations to:

Riley & Lindsey Ramsey, Jacqueline & Ryan King, Chet & Brianna Owings, Dylan & Brandi Powell, Jaceline & i'm a horrible friend and can't remember his name, Ellen & Steven, Elizabeth & doh!, Jenny & i'm really terrible, Dawna & Paul, Lacey & Ben Rase, Sarah & Mike Lawley, Jenna & Jerret Lockheart, Audrey & Chris... and literally the list could go on.

Now let's all cross our fingers and pray these people don't pop out children around the same time, or else all of those baby showers are gunna break my bank! But seriously, ALL THE BEST!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pellet Gun Pleasure

I have been a victim of a number of things in my life: expired Dental Floss, luke warm Mountain Dew, creepy looks from city buskers. None, however has topped my recent experience.

This weekend while I was away at a wedding, my 1995 Dodge Intrepid got vandalized. My driver's window, back seat window and entire rear window was shot out. Completely smashed. Glass EVERYWHERE.

The truly upsetting thing is, what proved to be like 5 seconds of fun for the vandals, took two and a half hours for my parents and I to clean up. Each second that I tediously picked out every piece of glass I thought of how I was going to pay for it. There's no way. I don't have comprehensive insurance, and since it was on the street, our homeowners insurance won't look twice at our situation.

So, now the way I see it: at least my glass is half full (ugh I shouldn't say 'glass' in this instance) but... 1) it happened when it's nice enough for me to ride my bike everywhere) nothing was stolen from my car (CD player etc.) ... 3) it's given me an excellent opportunity to practice forgiveness (grrrr...) 4)at least I wasn't in the vehicle or something equally as morbid. So, in some ways my PLASTIC sippy-cup runneth over.

Bittersweet Sitterbeet

I never thought I would be sad to see the last day of school... but alas after teaching ten 3 year olds this year I found it extraordinarily painful to say good bye to the little terrors that made my life so wonderfully exhausting. It was heart wrenching to know I'd go three whole months without their antics and unabashed excitement to see me every morning. The only silver lining was the opportunity to teach Preschool yet again this 2006-2007 year... that is until things changed.

Thursday night I knew the board of directors was meeting to decide what to do without an administrator for the preschool... Friday morning I was informally told they were cancelling the 2yr. old program and the Kindergarten. This was fine with me, but I was a little concerned how the returning teachers would react, but I assumed some shuffling could be done and that they would still have a job at least. Two hours later my Pastor sat me down and told me the entire Preschool was being cancelled for the year.

Never has it been so hard to hold back tears. It was as if my very excitement for the future was sucked out of my being. Like I didn't have as much motivation to wake up in the morning. I was heartbroken. I was devistated. I was sad. I was crying (and trying to answer phones and fold bulletins and keep my mascara from making me look like my eyelashes were melting.)

BUT GOD HAS SUCH A WAY OF REDEEMING THINGS... little did I know but Delyn Cole had been planning a Missions trip to India and Nepal to work with women who had been rescued from the sex trade... it's a missions trip that only female Chi Alpha workers can take and it happens in May... had I been teaching preschool, there's no way I would have been able to attend this missions trip that I AM SO PASSIONATE ABOUT! Basically when Delyn was presenting it to all the District Chi Alpha people I began to cry (and then noisily shot up my hand to indicate I was VERY interested... I'm sure you're all familiar with the Krysty Kay manner in which this was done)

So in a nutshell: I'm going. ISN'T GOD SO FAITHFUL? ...I'm thinking so... although it's still a scoach bittersweet that I won't have ten gorgeous goobery faces to embrace as my 'kinders' next year... yet somehow I think it's going to be okay.