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Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Bloody Bummer

Should I be concerned that my recent course of speech has been peppered with British curse words? This sudden affinity for 'bloody' and 'bugger' can mean only two things:
1) I am a sinner
2) I have the itch... to travel that is.

Luckily my longings will be satiated soon. A week from yesterday I will be in Missouri for three days to visit my best friend as she graduates from basic training. The most delightful part of my visit will be the breaking of lent... where I will finally be able to consume peanut m&ms after 40 days of famish-ment. Perhaps my attraction to rubbish speech is due to abstaining from chocolate for almost six weeks! Profanity can only be a natural side-effect from a lack of the essential nutrients chocolate provides to the female system (or psyche). Am I right girls?

My advice to all of you who find yourself struggling with the same bloody problem as I, there is only one suggestion I can leave for you: stuff your trousers choc full of your favorite sweets and get the heck out of dodge for a day or two.



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