How Beautiful

... are the feet of those who bring good news...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'll title this one 'untitled'

I'm sorry. It's been AGES I know. Here's a very brief update of all that's gone on in my world: Organized a city-wide purity retreat for high-school aged girls, visited Oregon with the Megans, went on a 40 day fast from spending money (don't laugh... I really did!), went on a 40 day fast from eating sweets (I'm not gonna lie, I broke that one a few times), got bit by a pre-schooler, spoke at a girl's retreat in Idaho, backspacked in Utah for six days, went unshowered whilst backpacking in Utah for six days, rode off on the back of a strange man's Harley Davidson in Utah (best moment of my life thus far), played bass for my church's Easter play, portrayed a whore on Easter Sunday, became addicted to 'Miami Ink' and broke my spending fast by purchasing the brand new HILLSONG UNTITED CD (Holy Spirit chills...)

Okay, now for the meat of my dissertation. You know how everyone has those little expressions they use when they are amazed or frustrated or angry or happy or awkward? Like, for instance the cult standards "Darn it" or "Cool"... come on, I know you all have your own variation of habitual projectile interjections. My expressions seem come in waves that I pick up randomly and stick annoyingly until the next new phrase takes over my life... but one faithful outburst has seemed to last through the test of time: "Richard!"

This 'Tommy Boy' based exclamation pretty much litters my speech daily and peppers my dialogue whether I'm bemused or banging my head against the wall. It's never seemed to give me any grief except for one unexpected encounter at Denny's. It was over my plate of seasoned fries that I loudly repeated my beloved phrase until I realized the waiter was looking at me funny... yeah... that's right, his name was Richard and when he answered affirmatively to my name calling, I freaked out. It brought me so much joy... and awkward embarrassment.

The best part of it is, Richard just got saved at our Easter play last weekend and is planning to hang out with us at Denny's after Chi Alpha each Monday. Do you realize what this means? Now I can really say I have a friend named Richard! Although this thought might be SLIGHTLY awkward because I still incessantly say his name throughout the day... it probably depends on how you look at it.