How Beautiful

... are the feet of those who bring good news...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Me!


And yes, I would marry it if the Montana State Department of Death and Marriages allowed it.

And yes, I'm just being facicious... what kind of marriage would that be if I saw my 'husband' only once a year, and watched people buy all of his things for half price the next day. No, it wouldn't work out. Unfortunately.

But I know the next question on everyone's mind is where the heck have I been. It's been like a year since my last entry, and simply ages since I had anything interesting to say. But alas, this girl has been busy teaching preschoolers the intricate motions to "Angels we have heard on High", making presents for my grandmas, and again flirting dutifully with the manager of Starbucks. I think somewhere in there I made a life changing trip to the delicious patisserie shop "Chocolat" and watched my favoretist book (now movie) of all time "Chronicles of Narnia" (allow me to digress... as much as I loved the movie, I hate that it's trendy right now. It's like 'dude, I read it and loved it first... the rest of you are just posers'... but then I feel justified because my friend Megan said I took the cake for 'most tears cried at a premier' and that made me feel a bit better. a bit.)

So besides racking up the largest credit card bill for a place that only sells truffles, that's all I've been up to. I've definately not been online until now... I just discovered yet another friend is getting hitched this summer, so I probably should make a habit of at least checking my hotmail, but alas, it is Christmas... and I'd rather be courting that right now than dialing up aol. You know?

And before I forget to tell you all.... MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope your holidays are the happiest ever and that your 2006 is richly richly blessed! Love you all!

Friday, December 02, 2005


One whole year. An entire rotation of the sun. 365 days.

I've been back in America for exactly a year today, and it is wierd to think about. Twelve short months ago I left the best friends in the world, a hell of a bloody habit (profanity) and a large spider population. I left to return to the good ole USofA and a bunch of amazing, beautiful experiences. (such as:)

Ordering a REFILLABLE glass of iced root beer.
Working for exactly four hours at Victoria Secret.
Blending fruit and juice for hours on end.
Falling in love with a Hispanic orphan.
Consuming large amounts of candy for EVERY holiday. (Columbus day is no exception).
Being teased relentlessly for my impractical foot apparel.
Awkward stares every time I laugh (wait, that happened in Oz too)
Having ten little munchkins follow me around like ducklings.
Building a pirate ship.
Daughter's Retreat! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Being able to work with the best ministry alive.
Being on staff with Jess. (okay, Scott's pretty cool as well ;)
Watching the MOST amazing, beautiful, anointed, gorgeous, divine women in the world chase after God in the process...