How Beautiful

... are the feet of those who bring good news...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Oops... five days ago was my official one year anniversary of being a blogger. That's a pretty happy thing to be celebrating. Too bad I didn't remember, it would have been an awesome excuse to buy myself a cake. Please tell me other people do that too... find excuses to consume dessert, it's gotta be some sort of cumpulsive behavior Dr. Phill has a book on. I swear I must keep that man in business with all of my crazy shinanagans... but hey, someones gotta do it.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tafe-ites Reunite!

Sometimes I forget that I literally have the most beautiful friends in the entire universe. I had the honor last weekend to go to my friends wedding in Idaho... and as a little side bonus I had a Tafe reunion. Now the Tafe was the 'dorm/hell hole' I lived in my first year of college and although it was a pretty filthy/ferrell place to lay my head, I had the joy of sharing the experience with nine other fabulous females. Now we are spread all over the world, but four of us conviened on Lewiston to catch up with each other and basically laugh till we wet ourselves. It was beautiful.

Girls I love you so dearly, you are a blessing I simply don't deserve! I miss you all so much and I can't wait till our next reunion. This time it's Montana because in other news I've upgraded from weeds... now I've got treeeeeeeeees!