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Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

I'm preaching at Chi Alpha tonight about Disappointment with God. In a conversation over my text of choice, my friend and I discussed if it's okay to be disappointed in the Almighty...
I don't know that I'm one to give people permission, but I definitely believe we all have potential to suffer from this discomfort. May I even venture to say that it is a healthy "wrestling match" (that's for you Scott) that is vital to our testimony.
If our Testimony is designed to be wielded as a weapon that helps others overcome (Revelation 12:11), wouldn't it reason that it gains strength from confessions of being dumbfounded by the ways of God, only to find He wasn't letting you down but rather lifting you up. So often we are surprised by Him meeting our needs in ways we could never have orchestrated, and in those moments I'm convinced we taste the sweetness of His resurrection.
And as the disciples discovered, the resurrection was the ultimate answer to their utter disappointment.



At 7:09 PM, Blogger lance said...

You did a great job speaking Monday night. I'm looking forward to the second installment next Monday.

At 4:04 AM, Blogger Blue Orchid Designs said...

I forgot you had this blog until I was purging old emails! I am delighted to rediscover it. I am undelighted that it is not updated all that often. :( Write more already, dear. How else am I to get my fix of all things Krysty Kay?


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