How Beautiful

... are the feet of those who bring good news...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I found a truly magical place. It is the Crerar's cabin at Finley's Point near Polson Montana.

I had intended to spend sixteen hours there Monday night with my friend Jillie and then head home to celebrate independence day with my family and sell some fireworks at the Chi Alpha stand. Rather tragically, however, my car broke down some five miles away from my intended destination... and then something entirely strange happened: I didn't care. Never mind I was some 60 miles away from home, I really couldn't be bothered by the potentially stressful situation. Instead I felt the magical allure of the largest fresh body of water in the greater 48 and my heart was tugged to the flip-flop fiesta and ultimate relaxation haven that is Finley's point.

It's here that hours truly do not exist. I was physically unable to keep track of time simply because of what I believe is an invisible shield of wonderfulness surrounding the place. We spent an eternity in the water, drinking in the sun and laughing at ourselves... and all the while my car was being pronounced dead, destined for the grave.

So 'tragically' I had to spend the 4th of July there and I have to say I had a horrifically wonderful time. Some of the highlights included:

GOLFING: although I didn't participate in the game, I discovered my new favorite thing to do is walk on the green barefoot (although I think this is horribly against etiquette and could have landed us all kicked out of the course...but it felt so wonderful!)

BOATING: whilst my vehicle was being towed away to an unknown local, I was zipping around the Flathead starting to believe the next mode of transportation I will invest in will be a boat. (sure it won't come in handy in the winter, nor will it allow me to get around town very easily...but they are SO MUCH FUN!)

FIREWORKS: there is simply nothing that compares to sitting around a fire, facing the lake and watching fireworks explode from all directions around you. The reflections off the water makes it seems like the earth and sky are one and although it sounds cheesy, it's truly the most magical thing you will ever witness.

So there you have it, today I sit back at work quite relaxed and considerably tanner... all the while thankful that I at least have a bike to get me from A to B.